Foxboro Eckardt

FDT-DTM Device Type Managers for download

Install PACTware by unzipping with folders and then double-click on the setup.exe file, or from within the zip file double-click the setup.exe file.

If you get the "No .NET-Framework" error message during the PACTware installation, cancel the procedure and install the Microsoft .NET Framework and its Service Pack, and try again.

Communication-DTM for communication via FoxCom / EDCcom / IRcom

FDT Certificates: Win7 WinXP


Level Transmitter DTM

No documents available.
  ■  244LD,  244LVP: (26 MB)

  ■  SRD991, SRD960: DTM for SRD Release 3.5.1 for ECEP  (30 MB)
FDT Certificates SRD991: WinXP
FDT Certificates SRD960: WinXP