Foxboro Eckardt

Foxboro Eckardt Measurement and Instrumentation Products

New Level Diamond
Invensys applies superior measurement technology and experience to continuously measure level, interface and density of liquids in the harshest industrial processes.
Valve Positioners
Control and monitor pneumatic valve actuators with advanced diagnostic equipped valve positioners that provide predictive service performance monitoring and valve health status information.
Measure all liquid, gas and steam flows with the best Vortex, Coriolis and Magnetic flowmeter for your application. Foxboro guarantee performance with the best warranties in the business.
Rugged engineering and ultra reliable silicon-strain gauge sensor technology in Foxboro Pressure transmitters deliver unbeatable measurement performance in the most demanding applications.
Advanced process packaging and microprocessor functionality in Foxboro temperature transmitters achieve high reliability and field configurable flexibility.
Designed for long life accurate measurement the range of durable Foxboro pH, redox and conductivity liquid analytical sensors and instruments are an ideal choice for extreme process conditions.
Foxboro panel mounting discrete controllers and recorders combine industry leading accuracy and reliability performance.
Pneumatic Instruments
A full range of field proven reliable and easy to maintain Foxboro pneumatic control and measurement instrumentation. All available in a wide range of materials.
Advanced App Solution
Innovative Foxboro engineered measurement solutions built on patented instrumentation technology and application expertise achieve unmatched performance in challenging measurement applications including: Oil & Gas, Fuel transfer, Refinery production and Dairy operations.
Field Device M
The configuration and diagnostic tools required to manage Foxboro field devices, including the PCMV multivariable configuration software package containing the world-class Foxboro DTM library.

Partner Solutions

Partner Solutions
Leading global technology and controls companies partner with Foxboro to offer accessories and solutions that broaden application capability.